Tokens Are Equity

2017 has been a good year for all things Blockchain. It’s a talking point in every major stakeholder in society — from governments to businesses and everyone in-between. While there are diverse applications for Blockchain, the application most people are familiar with are cryptocurrencies. In the past year numerous currencies have debuted through what has come to be known Expand


Relevance, Not Volume

Funnel is a popular word in the world of tech. You can “funnelize” everything these days. Everyone has a sales funnel, a customer funnel, a talent funnel and so on. But I think we’ve failed to appreciate how the dynamics of funnels have changed dramatically in the past 10 years. Funnels have long existed but Expand


How to Start a Startup at Northeastern

Ever since its founding in 1898, Northeastern has been an unorthodox, experimental university highlighted by its acclaimed and hugely popular cooperative education model. In the world of entrepreneurship, Northeastern has continued this flare for the unorthodox and the unique and has built a complex, rich and high-paced entrepreneurial ecosystem. Today, there are over 270 active Expand


Micromoments in Conversational Commerce

This post was originally published in Chatbots Magazine. There are few industries as large, as exciting and as crucial to the economy as ecommerce. By 2020 ecommerce will be a $4 trillion dollar industry. While ecommerce is filled with giant companies, few have had the influence on ecommerce and customer acquisition that Google has. The Google Expand


Conversational Intermediation & Chatbots

This post was originaly published in Chatbots Magazine. Language technology is all the rage across the world of innovation these days. Conversational interfaces, machine translation, natural lanuage understanding, chatbots — the buzzwords abound. The hype is not undeserved either. Truly interactive, powerful conversational interfaces could fundamentally change our relationship with technology by intermediating our every interaction with technology in Expand