The Future of LA Tech: Manufacturing, not Media

The city of Los Angeles has long been the global capital of film. Hollywood’s storytelling power is unmatched, and its movies have influenced cultures far and wide. But LA has a deeply diversified economy beyond Hollywood and most recently the city has rapidly emerged as a hub for technology companies. This rapid rise has a Expand


Short-Termism in Capitalism and A New Social Contract for Shareholders

“Modern capitalism is plagued by short-termism and myopia.” “Shareholders are king and everyone else gets left behind.” “The public markets hurt companies more than help them.”  This is the popular narrative today and to some extent it is true. It is true that modern capitalism does present numerous challenges for public companies. Quarterly reporting cycles Expand


The Power of Float-Based Business Models

Markets have been core to commerce since the first day humans began transacting. In the last 10 years some of the biggest tech companies that have been created have been marketplaces intermediating new and old markets. Amazon has intermediated the market between buyers and SMB sellers of goods. Uber has intermediated the market between riders Expand


The Rental Economy

This article was originally published in The Startup. One of the determining characteristics of any economy is who owns what assets. Different economic systems (capitalism, socialism, communism) differ primarily based on who owns and who rents capital assets. Ownership of assets shifts and evolves over time thanks to technological disruption, economies of scale and shifting Expand


Death by a Thousand Cuts in SAAS

This article was originally published in The Startup. If you are a business today you are faced with a dizzying array of SAAS tools across all your core business functions: accounting, marketing, sales, payroll, recordkeeping — the list goes on. While every tool that is adopted brings benefits (time saved, better visibility etc) each tool also comes Expand


LA: The Fastest Growing Tech Ecosytem in the United States

This post was originally published in Hacker Noon. Los Angeles has long held national and global mindshare as the beating heart of American cinema, music and style. Hollywood alone is a powerhouse that has spread American culture globally. But LA is more than just a media hub and increasingly, it is fast becoming a hub Expand


The Chinese Imperialist System in the Asian Century

This post was originally published in the Northeastern University Political Review. Almost two decades into the 21st century we’re beginning to see a period of dramatic global political and economic uncertainty occurring concurrently with China’s steady and dramatic rise to superpower status. This will be an Asian century. In fact, it will be a Chinese Expand


ICOs and Token Rights: The Need for Governance

This post was originally published in Hacker Noon. Capitalism and Investing The unique, historical innovation of Capitalism has been its take on ownership of capital. Capitalism is built on a system of property rights that allows capital to be accumulated, owned and deployed by individuals or corporations for profit. This combination of capital, property rights Expand


Helpful VC Readings

As I’ve transitioned into working in VC in the last year I’ve had to learn many things that are new to me. I’ve been a reader my whole life, and learn extremely well by reading. I think it still remains the best way to consume a large amount of information effectively over time, despite the Expand


Three Views on the CryptoBubble

This article was originally published on Cryptocurrency Hub. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have had a tremendous year in the media. The technology that was for a long time confined to the backwaters of tech has exploded into the public sphere in style. Dozens if not hundreds of Blockchain companies have been founded in recent months. Governments Expand